Main Road

A massive centrally located recreation area with multiple and multilevel swimming pools, very spacious pool deck area suitable for conducting various entertaining functions, this recreation area is part of overall extensive landscaping scheme for the entire property with gardens, illuminated interior roads, guest parking areas and pathways.

A luxurious modern restaurant with 300 m2 interior space all open to direct sea view and very large open deck area to be built next to the development to serve the residents of Fajara Waterfront and well as general public.

Reception area and managers office for giving round the clock service to the residents, upkeep of mechanical and electrical installations, supervision of security guards and gardeners.

Other features:

  • Private access road controlled by security staffs in front of the golf course from Atlantic Boulevard.
  • Having Fajara club right behind the property gives walking access to all sport facilities such as: tennis courts, squash courts, swimming pool, golf course, country club, etc.
  • Walking pathway from the recreation area of the property to the beach.
  • Huge reserve water tanks connected to several pressure pumps to ensure constant water supplies to all units.
  • High capacity stand by generator set.
  • Security guards, pool attendants, gardeners and maintenance crew all controlled by the Manager.
  • Underground and covered parking spaces for the residents to prevent the cars from direct sea breeze which causes rusting of their metal components, other parking spaces for the guests and visitors.
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